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Rail Transport Articles

Improve road, rail infrastructure to benefit cities: report

IMPROVING transport to link Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong would ease population woes in the state capital and allow the neighbouring regional centres to grow, according to a report released today.

Transport hub a priority for seat

ANDREW Cornwell said yesterday that his top priority was building the Glendale bus and rail interchange after he unseated MP Matthew Morris with one of the biggest swings to the Liberals in the state.

Never enough money for rail

SOMETHING strange happens when rail projects pass through the NSW bureaucracy. Capital works which elsewhere in the world - and elsewhere in Australia - cost about $100 million a kilometre are suddenly estimated to cost $400 million a kilometre. What is going on?

Canberra seeks transport funds deferral

FEDERAL Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese will meet Victorian Transport Minister Terry Mulder today to discuss a proposed deferral of about $500 million in rail and road funding to help pay for the Gillard flood package.

Latest Survey Supports Rail

RESIDENTS elsewhere in the Hunter are more torn than their Newcastle counterparts about whether removing the inner city rail line and replacing it with fast buses would help the city, a new Hunter Valley Research Foundation survey suggests.